Massage Therapy



Modalities Offered:


Manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of the muscles. Swedish massage incorporates long, connecting strokes to enhance client relaxation and ease tender, stiff joints and muscles. A great choice for clients first time receiving a massage!

Benefits of Swedish Massage:
*Overall relaxation.

*Decreased anxiety.

*Enhanced quality of sleep.

*Ease medicine dependence.
*Enhances circulatory system.

*Stimulates lymphatic system.

*Dissolution of adhesions/swelling.

*Releases endorphins--amino acids that act as our bodies natural pain killer.

*Increases range of motion.

*Lowers blood pressure.

Deep Tissue 
Deeper layers of the muscles are being worked by penetrating the muscles, targeting knots in the fascia (connective tissue) releasing tension and reducing stiffness/tightness. Our Master Body Workers incorporate techniques such as fist and forearm to alleviate any clients with severe decreased range of motion.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

*Increases relaxation.
*Provides pain relief from chronic muscle tension.

*Improves posture.

*Increases flexibility.

*Increased blood flow to muscle tissue.
*Elimination/reduction of adhesions and scar tissue.

*Improve emotional health.

Trigger Point:

A Trigger Point is a localized, tender area on the body that may cause pain radiation to other parts of the body, for example a trigger point in the back may refer pain in the neck. Trigger points are "knots" developed over time through muscle overuse/exertion, chronic holding patterns, strain and tension (trigger points may be "active" or "latent"). In this type of massage the client is actively engaging with the therapist to ensure proper pressure and alignment with the bodywork tool and the clients' trigger point.

Benefits of Trigger Point:

*Helps to relieve pain and discomfort from chronic holding patterns.

*Increases range of motion.

*Enhances circulation or flow of blood.

*Decreases swelling of nerves and muscles.

*Reduction of headaches.

*Fewer muscle spasms/cramping.

*Improved posture.

*Improves sports performance.



In Japan the word "shiatsu" means "finger pressure. The therapist uses rhythmic on certain precise points of the body. These points are called "accupressure points," they are believed to be important for the bodies natural energy flow, called "chi" or "ki" (basic life energy). Shiatsu can help release energy blockages and/or add energy to meridians that are deficient.

Benefits of Shiatsu:

*Restore and maintain body energy, especially helpful for those suffering from fatigue/weakness.

*Stimulate circulation in the capillaries of skins soft tissues.

*Alleviate symptoms caused by arthritis.

*Relief from headaches.

*Helps reduce muscular pain.

*Helps aid digestive system, morning sickness and menstrual problems.

*Useful for coughs, colds or other sinus problems.



Form of touch therapy that utilizes the same principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The same points are being stimulated but are being stimulated through finger pressure on meridians instead of with needles, the therapist may never even touch the client at all. The body has 14 meridians that transport energy throughout our bodies. These meridians start at the finger tips, connect to the brain and back to an organ associated with the specific meridian. Acupressure approaches the body as a whole that envelopes the body, mind, emotions and spirit as one, not as separate parts.

Benefits of Acupressure:

*Relieves stress and tension.

*Headache alleviation.

*Eases nervous tension.

*Increases energy and feelings of well being.

*Relaxes body and mind.

*Alleviates sexual dysfunction.

*Stimulates immune system.

*Decreases labor pains.



An ancient art that is extremely popular today. Reflexology is an alternative remedy with the emphasis that your hands, feet and ears are connected with other parts of the body, organs, etc. Pressure applied to certain locations on the hands, feet and ears can correct problems with correlating body parts, systems and specific organs such as: liver, gallbladder, kidneys and heart.

Benefits of Reflexology:

*Stress relief.

*Improved circulation.

*Increased energy.

*Pain reduction.

*Alleviates migraines.

*Relieves pain of M.S.

*Aids in digestion health, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), morning sickness and menstrual cramps.

*Promotes healing and relaxation.
*Great for people who are sensitive to touch on other parts of the body.


Sports Massage:

Designed for each individual athlete where the therapist focuses on muscles relevant to each specific sport the athlete is competing. Athletes range from the Olympic Tri-Athlete to the everyday jogger. Many different modalities are incorporated in sports massage such as: swedish, trigger point, shiatsu, reflexology, Russion sports, etc. There are 3 basic forms of sports massage: pre-event (faster tempo and usually right before athlete competes), post-event (slower tempo and usually 1-2 hours after competition) and maintenance (combo. tempo once a week). Sports massage may be stimulating or relaxing.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

*Increased blood flow.

*Increased range of motion and flexibility.

*Decreased recovery time in between workouts.

*Decreased stress so athlete can have fun with what they love to do.

*Decreased muscle spasms.

*Decreased chance of injury with high-risk areas.
*Reduces fatigue.

*Enhances endurance.

*Prepares body and mind for optimal sport performance.

Russian Sports:

Developed in the former Soviet Union, this modality incorporates structured techniques which are timed and each stroke is defined in a certain direction based on the purpose; not focused on the body as a whole. Each body part is worked separately then the limb before. Russion sports massage is designed to assist in muscle recovery in between training stages. Whats unique about Russian sports is its not designed

Benefits of Russian Sports:

*Increases lymph flow.

*Decreases muscle fatigue.

*Decreases edema.

*Increases range of motion.

*Increases overall metabolism.

*Decreases muscle tension.

*Heal and repair of acute injuries.

*Repetitive strokes enhance deep relaxation.

*Increases strength.

Hot Stone:

Natural therapy from the earth using basalt stones (basalt helps keep the heat in stone longer for ultimate client relaxation), the stones are placed on the clients' skin and stones penetrate heat alleviating any adhesions caused by chronic holding patterns. Stones are sanitized after each session to ensure proper client safety.

Benefits of Hot Stone:
*Warms up tissues for body work.

*Increases blood flow for maximum heal and repair.
*Increases range of motion.

*Decreases stress.

*Decrease pain relief.

*Increases relaxation.



$30 for 30 Minutes

$60 for 60 Minutes

$70 for 75 Minutes

$90 for 90 Minutes


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